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宣教使命 Mission Statement



  • 使上帝的話,成作移民者的亮光;
  • 使上帝的百姓,找到一個服事的所在;
  • 使出外的人,找到一個心靈歸宿的家庭;
  • 使少年人有異象,中年人有氣力,老年人有盼望;
  • 使本地的教會和住民,因為阮得到豐富和利益;
  • 使台灣的教會和社會,因為阮得到尊嚴和榮光;
  • 使世界的台灣人,在阮中間看到愛與和解的見證。


God Almighty established Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church to be a home for Taiwanese immigrants, Taiwanese-Canadian and others. We belong to the Presbyterian Church in Canada and are determined to be a bridge between Taiwanese immigrants and Canadian society.

We have been given special assignments:

- to offer the Word of God as a light and to establish a spiritual home for immigrants, Taiwanese-Canadians and others (Heb. 11:13);

- to seek places where God’s people may serve;

- to offer new vision to youth, hope to the elderly, and strength to all;

- to share God’s blessings with our neighbors through our actions;

- to assist churches and communities in Taiwan and throughout the world to live in dignity and honor; and

- to witness God’s love at work in our reconciliation with Him and with each other.